Playlist #158

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TILMAN ROBINSON NETWORK OF LINES Looks Down in the Gathering Shadow (Live at 3RRR, unreleased 2012) [website]
JOZEF VAN WISSEM and JIM JARMUSCH Continuation of the Last Judgement (Concerning the Entrance Into Eternity, Important 2012)
MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE Prophecy of the White Camel/Namoutarre (Totem 3, Important 2011)
GOAT Diarabi (World Music, Rocket 2012)

FANGA/MAALEM ABDALLAH GUINEA Noble Tree (Fangnawa Experience, Strut 2012)
MENAGERIE Leroy and the Lion (They Shall Inherit, Tru Thoughts 2012)
TOM ZÉ Mã (Estudando O Samba, Continental 1976)

THREE LANES Far Away Here (Three Lanes, self-released 2012) [Bandcamp]
PETER KNIGHT Unknowness 2 (Fish Boast of Fishing, Listen/Hear Collective 2011) [Bandcamp]

SCOTT WALKER Epizootics! (Bish Bosch, 4AD 2012)
TOM WAITS Clang Boom Steam (Real Gone, Anti- 2004)
TOM WAITS Make It Rain (Real Gone, Anti- 2004)
MUDDY WATERS She’s Alright (Electric Mud, Chess 1968)
THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. Warning (Ready to Die, Bad Boy 1994)
WU-TANG CLAN I Can’t Go to Sleep (The W, Loud 2000)


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