Playlist #150

Freddie Hubbard

THEESATISFACTION Black Fact (THEESatisfaction Loves Anita Baker, self-released 2012) [Bandcamp]
BOBBI HUMPHREY Harlem River Drive (Blacks and Blues, Blue Note 1973)
FREDDIE HUBBARD Arietis (Ready for Freddie, Blue Note 1962)

JOE HENDERSON Y Todavia La Quiero (Relaxin’ at Camarillo, Contemporary 1981)
JAMIE OEHLERS QUARTET Fun Police (Smoke and Mirrors, Jazzhead 2012)

KING KRULE Octopus (B-side, Rinse 2012)
NINE HORSES The Librarian (Snow Borne Sorrow, Samadhisound 2005)
BETH ORTON Last Leaves of Autumn (Sugaring Season, Anti- 2012)
SOPHIE HUTCHINGS Half Hidden (Night Sky, Preservation 2012)

BASTIAN VOID Atrium (Demo Version) (stream, self-released 2012)
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Wide Eyed (Centipede Hz, Domino 2012)
DUSTIN WONG Toe Tore Oh (Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads, Thrill Jockey 2012)
FLYING LOTUS Hunger feat. Niki Randa (Until the Quiet Comes, Warp 2012)
RED HOUSE PAINTERS Katy Song (Red House Painters, 4AD 1993)


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