Playlist #146

Thomas William

DORIAN CONCEPT & TOM CHANT Outer Space (The Cinematic Orchestra presents In Motion #1, Ninja Tune 2012)
DONALD BYRD Perpetual Love (Kofi, Blue Note 1970)
WILLITS + SAKAMOTO Abandoned Silence (Ancient Future, Ghostly 2012)
DAFT PUNK Something About Us (Discovery, Virgin 2001)

JOHN CAGE Sonata XII (Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters, Warp 2006)
JOHN CAGE Radio Music (excerpt) (John Cage, Cramps 1974)
JOHN CAGE Music for Marcel Duchamp (In a Landscape, Catalyst 1994)

Thomas William interview

THOMAS WILLIAM Sticky Sunshine (Deccan Technicolour, This Thing 2011)
THOMAS WILLIAM Yojimbo (Deccan Technicolour, This Thing 2011)
THOMAS WILLIAM Fontana Mix (excerpt) (download, self-released 2012)
THOMAS WILLIAM Digestaid (download, self-released 2012)
THOMAS WILLIAM Higher 5th Bounce (Oscar Key Sung Remix) (Deccan Technicolour Remixes, self-released 2012)

DEM HUNGER Fried Squid (Caveman Smack, Leaving 2010)
BILL ORCUTT My Reckless Parts (A New Way to Pay Old Debts, Editions Mego 2009)
ANDREW PEKLER Un Vent Et Une Femme (Sentimental Favourites, Dekorder 2011)
LAZAR KONEVSKI & STEPHAN ZAHMANOV Svornato-Pajdushko (A Harvest, A Shepherd, A Bride: Village Music of Bulgaria, Nonesuch 1970)

THOMAS WILLIAM Flip My Chips (Pimmon’s Strange Machine Remix) (Deccan Technicolour Remixes, self-released 2012)


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