Playlist #143 (Radiothon I)

Flickr: Accretion Disc (

XAVIER CUGAT Jungle Drums (Viva Cugat!, Mercury 1961)
MYRZO BARROSO Consolaçao (Myrzo, RCA 1965)

SUN RA Love in Outer Space (The Night of the Purple Moon, Saturn Research 1970)
BABA-X Choose to Choose (Boyfriend Club Compilation #01, This Thing 2012)

HERBIE HANCOCK Hidden Shadows (Sextant, Columbia 1973)

Tilman Robinson live in the studio

TILMAN ROBINSON Looks Down in the Gathering Shadow
TILMAN ROBINSON What Story Down There Awaits Its End?

MOTION Liberty Stole My Shoes (The Drowned World, Listen/Hear Collective 2012)
BROKERS Flightrisk (Free the Beats Vol. 8, Free the Beats 2012)

DIRTY BEACHES Sarah Sheppard’s Theme (The Hippo OST, self-released 2012)

ZOO KID Out Getting Ribs (7″, House Anxiety 2010)
ESSENDON AIRPORT I Feel a Song Coming On (Palimpsest, Chapter 1981)

A HAWK AND A HACKSAW Cervantine (Cervantine, LM Dupli-Cation 2011)
STELIOS KAZANTZIDIS Chira (Stelios Kazantzidis, Margo 1968)

ARTHUR RUSSELL Answers Me (World of Echo, Upside 1986)


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