Playlist #139

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THE HELIOCENTRICS Distant Star (Instrumental) (12″, Now-Again 2008)
THOMAS WILLIAM The Pearl (Deccan Technicolour, This Thing 2011) [Bandcamp]
MR MAPS Nice Fights (Mystery Fights by Mystery Twin) (Strain of Origin II, Feral Media/lofly 2012) [Bandcamp]
JAMES ANNESLEY Intro/Only a Journey (Virtual Proximity II, self-released 2011) [Bandcamp]

ANDREW BIRD You Woke Me Up! (Useless Creatures, Fat Possum 2009)
KONONO N°1 Nakobala Lususu Te (Assume Crash Position, Crammed Discs 2010)
DIRTY PROJECTORS The Socialites (Swing Lo Magellan, Domino 2012)

LAUREL HALO Light + Space (Quarantine, Hyperdub 2012)
CFCF Exercise 3 (Buildings) (Exercises, Cooperative 2012)
NICOLAS JAAR Too Many Kids Finding Rain in the Dust (Space Is Only Noise, Circus Company 2011)
IDA DUELUND The Double Dealer (Another Lament, Chamber Made Opera 2012)

NICK TSIAVOS 4.00am (One Hundred Months, Third of East, self-released 2012)
HOWARD CAIRNS Slowly Disappearing (Compression, self-released 2012)
MIKE WESTBROOK ORCHESTRA Part IX (Metropolis, Neon 1971)

23 SKIDOO Misr Wakening (Urban Gamelan, LTM 1984)
THE POP GROUP Snowgirl (Y, Radar 1979)
NO ZU Emotion (Life, Sensory Projects 2012)

FABULOUS DIAMONDS Inverted/Vamp (Commercial Music, Chapter 2012)
JOE McKEE Lunar Sea (Burning Boy, Dot Dash 2012)
SCOTT WALKER Rosemary (Scott 3, Fontana 1969)
THE SEATBELTS Memory (Cowboy Bebop, Victor 1998)
CHET BAKER I Get Along without You Very Well (Chet Baker Sings, Pacific Jazz 1954)
ARILD ANDERSEN Straight (The Triangle, ECM 2004)


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1 Response to Playlist #139

  1. Nick Tsiavos says:

    thanks foe the play kim!

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