Playlist #137

Frank Ocean

DAUGHN GIBSON The Day You Were Born (All Hell, Mistletone 2012)
AARON MARTIN Water Damage (Almond, Preservation 2007)
ÓLAFUR ARNALDS & NILS FRAHM a1 (Stare, Erased Tapes 2012)
BENJAMIN SKEPPER Marionette (Eika, Contrapuntal 2009)

ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL Analog 2 feat. Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean (The OF Tape, Vol. 2, Odd Future 2012)
FRANK OCEAN Sweet Life (Channel Orange, Odd Future/Def Jam 2012)
BADBADNOTGOOD Session (The Odd Trio, self-released 2011)

MOTION Liberty Stole My Shoes (The Drowned World, Listen/Hear Collective 2012)
FOX + SUI Petite Mort (demo, self-released 2011)

CAN Dead Pigeon Suite (The Lost Tapes, Mute 1972)
JOHN MARTYN Small Hours (One World, Island 1977)
SIMONE WHITE In the Water Where the City Ends (Silver, Silver, Honest Jons 2012)
EARTH The Rakehell (Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II, Southern Lord 2012)

BILL FRISELL Blues for Los Angeles (Live) (East/West, Nonesuch 2003)
GRIZZLY BEAR Sleeping Ute (Shields, Warp 2012)
GRAND SALVO She woke at three with a thumping heart: she had dreamed once more of the night they met. (19th of May, 1928, Chateau de Chaalis, Seine-et-Marne) (Slay Me In My Sleep, Preservation 2012)
DAVID CHESWORTH ENSEMBLE Bells of Leipzig (Badlands, W.MINC 1998)


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