Playlist #127

Flickr: James Guppy (

JAI PAUL Jasmine (Demo) (digital, XL 2012)
BEN BROWNING Night Dunes (Lover Motion, Cutters 2012)
VANGELIS Tears in Rain (Blade Runner, EMI 1982)
ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER Sleep Dealer (Replica, Mexican Summer/Software 2011)
KYNAN TAN Gleichzeitig (Raetina, Listen/Hear Collective 2012)

YOUNG MAGIC You with Air (Galapagoose & Wooshie’s Helium Flip) (download, Cargo Collective 2012)
MAX CRUMBS Sunbath (Maidenhair, Sensory Projects 2012)
THE STREETS Weak Become Heroes (King Krule Remix) (download, Locked On/679 2012)
PUNCH BROTHERS Kid A (Who’s Feeling Young Now?, Nonesuch 2012)

M. WARD Clean Slate (for Alex & El Goodo) (A Wasteland Companion, Spunk 2012)
BIG STAR Blue Moon (Third/Sister Lovers, PVC 1974)
JULIA HOLTER Für Felix (Ekstasis, Spunk 2012)
JOHN GREAVES, PETER BLEGVAD & LISA HERMAN Pipeline (Kew. Rhone., Virgin 1977)

ANGELO BADALAMENTI with JULEE CRUISE Falling (Soundtrack from Twin Peaks, Warner Bros. 1990)
GIAN SLATER and INVENIO Banterer (Gone, without Saying, Listen/Hear Collective 2012)
DIRTY PROJECTORS + BJÖRK Sharing Orb (Mount Wittenberg Orca, Domino 2010)
GUY KLUCEVSEK and ALAN BERN Starting Over (Accordance, Winter & Winter 2000)

THE TOURÉ-RAICHEL COLLECTIVE Azawade (The Tel Aviv Session, Cumbancha 2012)
BEN ALLISON Slap Happy (Peace Pipe, Palmetto 2002)
McCOY TYNER His Blessings (Extensions, Blue Note 1970)
JOHN COLTRANE After the Rain (Dear Old Stockholm, Impulse! 1963)


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