Playlist #123

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BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLY with HAREM SCAREM and ALEX NEILSON Molly Bawn (Live) (Is It the Sea?, Domino 2008)
SANDY DENNY The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood (Sandy, Island 1972)
JÓHANN JÓHANNSSON Jói & Karen (Englabörn, Touch 2002)
LAMBCHOP Buttons (Mr. M, Spunk 2012)

ANDREW BIRD Desperation Breeds… (Break It Yourself, Spunk 2012)
THE MONKEES Porpoise Song (Head, RCA 1968)
JOHN LEE HOOKER, MILES DAVIS and TAJ MAHAL Bank Robbery (The Hot Spot: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Antilles 1990)
MAULAWI Root in 7/4 Plus (Maulawi, Universal Sound 1974)

EYVIND KANG Innocent Eye, Crystal See (Virginal Co Ordinates, Ipecac 2004)
TAKASHI HIRAYASU & BOB BROZMAN Tinsagu Nu Hana (Jin Jin/Firefly, World Music Network 2000)

THREE LANES Boy (download, self-released 2012)

JAMIE OEHLERS & SAM KEEVERS Still (Grace, Jazzhead 2004)
SINIKKA LANGELAND The River Murmurs (The Land That Is Not, ECM 2011)
DIRTY THREE You Greet Her Ghost (Toward the Low Sun, Anchor & Hope 2012)
WOMEN Woodbine (Women, Flemish Eye 2008)
WOMEN Black Rice (Women, Flemish Eye 2008)
ANDREW BIRD Behind the Barn (Break It Yourself, Spunk 2012)

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