Playlist #122

Flickr: doozzle (

LAMBCHOP Gone Tomorrow (Mr. M, Spunk 2012)
THREE LANES D-B-G (Three Lanes, self-released 2012) [Bandcamp]
OUTKAST Liberation (Aquemini, LaFace 1998)

DRAKE The Real Her (Take Care, Young Money 2011)
HOOD They Removed All Trace That Anything Had Ever Happened Here (Cold House, Domino 2001)
SPARTAK Colour Is the Night (Nippon, New Weird Australia 2011)
MARK McGUIRE Get Lost (Get Lost, Editions Mego 2011)

WOODS & AMPS FOR CHRIST From Oatmeal to Buttermilk (Woods/Amps for Christ, Shrimper 2012)
BON IVER Woods (Blood Bank, Jagjaguar 2009)
BORIS with MICHIO KURIHARA Fuzzy Reactor (Rainbow, Drag City 2007)
EARTH His Teeth Old Brightly Shine (Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II, Southern Lord 2012)

DIRTY THREE Rising Below (Toward the Low Sun, Anchor & Hope 2012)
ZOO KID Has This Hit (B-side, House Anxiety 2010)
ELECTRELANE Only One Thing Is Needed (The Power Out, Beggars Banquet 2004)
ESSENDON AIRPORT No Quarter (Palimpsest, Chapter 1981)
PETER KNIGHT Unknowness 1 (Fish Boast of Fishing, Listen/Hear Collective 2011)

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