Playlist #117

Sun Araw at Sugar Mountain 2012

JOHN LURIE Backwards Flute (Fishing with John, Strange & Beautiful Music 1998)
JOHN LURIE Flutter (Fishing with John, Strange & Beautiful Music 1998)
23 SKIDOO Urban Gamelan Part One (Urban Gamelan, Ronin 1984)
Aa Best of Seven (gAame, Gigantic 2007)

Sun Araw interview

SUN ARAW Horse Steppin (Beach Head, Not Not Fun 2008)
SUN ARAW Lute and Lyre (Ancient Romans, Sun Ark 2011)
SUN RA Sun-Earth Rock (The Night of the Purple Moon, Saturn Research 1970)
SUN ARAW Harken Sawshine (The Phynx, Not Not Fun 2008)
J.D. EMMANUEL Part II: Prayer (Wizards, North Star 1982)
SPACEMEN 3 Come Down Softly to My Soul (Playing with Fire, Fire 1988)
SUN ARAW, M. GEDDES GENGRAS AND THE CONGOS Happy Song (Icon Give Thank, RVNG Intl. 2012)
THE CONGOS Children Crying (Heart of the Congos, Black Art 1977)

SAM RIVERS Cyclic Episode (Fuchsia Swing Song, Blue Note 1965)
BOBBY HUTCHERSON Ghetto Lights (Dialogue, Blue Note 1965)
MILES DAVIS So What (Miles in Tokyo, Columbia 1964)

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3 Responses to Playlist #117

  1. rosiexrosiex says:

    finally some sun ra!

  2. rosiex says:

    actually it was this show i wanted the one with more sun ra. my cosmic master and beacon of all awareness – yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!
    rosie cross

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