Playlist #115 (Sounds of 2011)

King Krule

KING KRULE The Noose of Jah City (King Krule, True Panther 2011)
DESTROYER Chinatown (Kaputt, Merge 2011)
NAT BALDWIN Weights (People Changes, Western Vinyl 2011)
BRUNO CHEVILLON/TIM BERNE L’état d’Incertitude (Old and Unwise, Clean Feed 2011)

TROUBLE BOOKS & MARK McGUIRE Floating Through Summer (Trouble Books & Mark McGuire, Bark and Hiss 2011)
ATLAS SOUND Te Amo (Parallax, 4AD 2011)
NICK HUGGINS Hoddle Street (Five Lights, Two Bright Lakes 2011)

A HAWK AND A HACKSAW Cervantine (Cervantine, LM Dupli-Cation 2011)
ANANKE And Here Is the Mind (Ananke, self-released 2011)
TINARIWEN Ya Messinagh (Tassili, Anti- 2011)
DENIS COLIN ET LA SOCIÉTÉ DES ARPENTEURS Chicago Blues for Malachi (Subject to Live, Le Chant Du Monde 2011)
ORIGAMI An Ordinary Prayer (The Blues of Joy, Listen/Hear Collective 2011)

THUNDERCAT Hooooooo (The Golden Age of Apocalypse, Brainfeeder 2011)
THUNDERCAT Daylight (The Golden Age of Apocalypse, Brainfeeder 2011)
FRANK OCEAN Songs 4 Women (Nostalgia, ULTRA., self-released 2011)
ODDISEE Skipping Rocks (Rock Creek Park, Mello 2011)

SHABAZZ PALACES Endeavors for Never (The Last Time We Spoke You Said You Were Not Here. I Saw You Though.) (Black Up, Sub Pop 2011)
OSCAR + MARTIN Recognise (For You, Two Bright Lakes 2011)
JAMES BLAKE Measurements (James Blake, A&M 2011)
COLIN STETSON From No Part of Me Could I Summon a Voice (New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges, Constellation 2011)
THE FLAMING LIPS In Our Bodies, Out of Our Heads (Gummy Song Skull, self-released 2011)
SUN ARAW Lute and Lyre (Ancient Romans, Sun Ark 2011)

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