Playlist #113

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HIRASAKANA OYOGU Harapa Lan Lan Lan (Hirasakana Oyogu, Brothersister 2009) [YouTube]
TETSUHIRO DAIKU Koinaa Yunta (The Rough Guide to the Music of Okinawa, World Music Network 2001) [YouTube]
CHRIS POTTER QUARTET Okinawa (Lift: Live at the Village Vanguard, Sunnyside 2004)

Tribute to Paul Motian [YouTube]

PAUL MOTIAN TRIO 2000 + TWO If You Could See Me Now (Live at the Village Vanguard, Vol. 2, Winter & Winter 2006)
BILL FRISELL, RON CARTER, PAUL MOTIAN Raise Four (Bill Frisell, Ron Carter, Paul Motian, Nonesuch 2006)
PAUL MOTIAN I Wish I Knew (On Broadway, Vol. 3, Winter & Winter 1991)
PAUL MOTIAN Cambodia (Time and Time Again, ECM 2007)

BRAD MEHLDAU Paranoid Android (Live in Tokyo, Nonesuch 2004)
DAVID CHESWORTH ENSEMBLE Floating World (Music to See Through, Wax Sound Media 2005)

ANANKE And Here Is the Mind (Ananke, independent 2011)
A HAWK AND A HACKSAW The Loser (Xeftilis) (Cervantine, LM Dupli-Cation 2011)

SUN ARAW Crown Shell (Ancient Romans, Sun Ark 2011)

NICK HAYWOOD QUARTET Detention River (1234, Jazzhead 2011)
MARK HOLLIS The Daily Planet (Mark Hollis, Polydor 1998)
KING KRULE Portrait in Black and Blue (King Krule, True Panther 2011) [YouTube]

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2 Responses to Playlist #113

  1. john irving says:

    loved David Chesworth Ensemble – Floating World

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