Playlist #112


BRIAN BENNETT Solstice (Voyage: A Journey Into Discoid Funk, DJM 1978)
ERYKAH BADU Soldier (New Amerykah Part One: 4th World War, Motown 2008)
KING KRULE The Noose of Jah City (self-titled, True Panther 2011) [YouTube]
NICHOLAS JAAR Don’t Break My Love (Don’t Break My Love, Clown & Sunset 2011)

THE STEPKIDS La La (self-titled, Stones Throw 2011)
THE WALLIAS BAND Muziqawi Silt (Éthiopiques 13: Ethiopian Groove, The Golden Seventies, Buda Musique 1977)
MAHMOUD AHMED Aynotché Tèrabu (Éthiopiques 1: The Golden Years of Modern Ethiopian Music, Buda Musique 1975)

Ronny Ferella interview

BIG FELA Why (Can’t We Live in a Peaceful World) (CD-R, independent 2010)
PETER KING African Dialects (African Dialects, Shanu Olu 1977)
MULATU ASTATKE Green Africa (Mulatu Steps Ahead, Strut 2010)

AARON CHOULAI Korema (Korema, Newmarket 2005)

LAMBCHOP A Hold of You (OH (Ohio), City Slang 2008)
SAM AMIDON Relief (I See the Sign, Bedroom Community 2010)

FENNESZ + SAKAMOTO 0318 (Flumina, Touch 2011)
LUKE HOWARD AND JANOS BRUNEEL Fourth Floor (Open Road, Which Way Music 2011)
JOHN ZORN A Ride on Cottonfair (The Dreamers, Tzadik 2008)

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