Playlist #91


AMOS MILBURN Chicken Shack Boogie (7″, Aladdin 1956)
CHAMPION JACK DUPREE Shim Sham Shimmy (7″, Red Robin 1953)
OL’ DIRTY BASTARD Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version, Elektra 1995)

23 SKIDOO Last Words (12″, Fetish 1981)
WORLD’S END PRESS Sleepless No. 4 (CD-R, 2007) MySpace
DAVID BOWIE Aladdin Sane (1913-1938-197?) (Aladdin Sane, RCA 1973)
NATHAN DAVIS Stick Buddy (If, Tomorrow International 1976)

BOLA JOHNSON Lagos Sisi (7″, Philips Nigeria 1973)
T.P. ORCHESTRE POLY-RYTHMO Gendamou Na Wii We Gnannin (10″, Albarika Store 1974)
BEIRUT The Akara (March of the Zapotec, Pompeii 2009)
ANDREW BIRD The Giant of Illinois (Dark Was the Night, 4AD 2009)

THE HANDSOME FAMILY Darling, My Darling (Honey Moon, Carrot Top 2009)
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Dream Baby Dream (10″, Blast First 2008)
M. WARD Outro (aka I’m a Fool to Want You) (Hold Time, Spunk 2009)

LEONARD COHEN The Letters (Dear Heather, Columbia 2004)
J. TILLMAN Firstborn (Vacilando Territory Blues, Bella Union 2009)
PIKELET Accordion to the Accordion (Not So Still, Special Award 2009)
FOUR TET Ringer (Ringer, Domino 2008)

JEAN CLAUDE VANNIER Le Roi Des Mouches Et La Confiture De Rouse (L’enfant Assassin Des Mouches, Suzelle 1972)
SERGE GAINSBOURG Cargo Culte (Histoire De Melody Nelson, Philips 1971)

ART FARMER Soulsides (Gentle Eyes, Mainstream 1972)

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