Playlist #68

SUN KIL MOON Like the River (April, Spunk 2008)
BJÖRK I See Who You Are (Volta, One Little Indian 2007)
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Fireworks (Strawberry Jam, Domino 2007)

YEASAYER Wait for the Summer (All Hour Cymbals, Spunk 2008)
PENTANGLE Rain and Snow (Reflection, Transatlantic 1971)
CAM BUTLER Thunderstorm’s A’Coming (Dark Times (Symphony No. 2), MGM 2008)

ALBERT HAMMOND, JR. Bargain of the Century (¿Cómo Te Llama?, Rough Trade 2008)
KEVIN DREW Safety Bricks (Spirit If…, Arts & Crafts 2007)
SUFJAN STEVENS All Good Naysayers, Speak Up! or Forever Hold Your Peace! (Michigan, Spunk 2003)

SIGUR RÓS Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur (Með Suð I Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust, EMI 2008)
ARCADE FIRE Keep the Car Running (Neon Bible, Spunk 2007)
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Atlantic City (Nebraska, Columbia 1982)

RATATAT Mirando (LP3, XL 2008)
YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA Seoul Music (Technodelic, Alfa 1981)
M.I.A. Bamboo Banga (Kala, XL 2007)
N*E*R*D Spaz (Seeing Sounds, Interscope 2008)

THE COOL KIDS 88 (The Bake Sale, XL 2008)
JUNGLE BROTHERS Because I Got It Like That (Straight Out the Jungle, Warlock 1988)
ARCHIE SHEPP Blues for Brother George Jackson (Attica Blues, Impulse! 1972)
NINA SIMONE Funkier Than A Mosquito Tweeter (It Is Finished, RCA 1974)
MARLENA SHAW California Soul (Diplo/Mad Decent Remix) (Verve Remixed 4, Verve 2008)

ONENESS OF JUJU Got to Be Right on It (Space Jungle Luv, Black Fire 1976)

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