Playlist #64

SEAGULL Dust Storm (Goodbye Weather, Two Bright Lakes 2008)
VALGEIR SIGURÐSSON After Four (Ekvilibrium, Bedroom Community 2007)
FIREKITES Autumn Story (The Bowery, Spunk 2008)

BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLY For Every Field There’s a Mole (Lie Down In The Light, Spunk 2008)
FLEET FOXES Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Fleet Foxes, Sub Pop 2008)
FAIRPORT CONVENTION Genesis Hall (Unhalfbricking, Island 1969)

NED COLLETTE Race (Future Suture, Dot Dash 2007)
WILCO Company in My Back (A Ghost Is Born, Nonesuch 2004)
BILL FRISELL, RON CARTER, PAUL MOTIAN Eighty-One (Self-Titled, Nonesuch 2006)

THE NATIONAL You’ve Done It Again Virginia (The Virginia EP, Beggars Banquet 2008)
GUY BLACKMAN Carlton North (Adult Baby, Unstable Ape 2008)
TODD RUNDGREN Hello It’s Me (Something/Anything?, Bearsville 1972)

THE WALKER BROTHERS After the Lights Go Out (B-Side, Philips 1966)
THE HELIOCENTRICS Once Upon a Time (Out There, Now-Again 2007)
THE STANCE BROTHERS Dynamite (Kind Soul, Ricky Tick 2007)

N*E*R*D Yeah You (Seeing Sounds, Interscope 2008)
MILEZ BENJIMAN Our House (Feel Glorious, Tru Thoughts 2008)
FLYING LOTUS Comet Course (Los Angeles, Warp 2008)
CHECKPOINT 303 Rissala Min Qalandia (Free Download)

THE KNIFE Like A Pen (Silent Shout, Rabid 2006)
THE PRESETS Yippiyo-Ay (Apocalypso, Modular 2008)
TALKING HEADS Warning Sign (More Songs About Buildings and Food, Sire 1978)

MARLENA SHAW Where Can I Go (Spice of Life, Cadet 1969)

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3 Responses to Playlist #64

  1. tim says:

    welcome back! woooo

  2. Kim says:

    Thanks, bro! It’s great to be back.

  3. The Lobbsters says:

    Good on you Kim. Glad you are back. Saturday nights now have a suitable soundtrack!

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